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picky eater

Hur man hjälper picky eater

Wondering how to help a picky eater? Developing a flavor takes time, so learn about the different ways to make your picky eater a food lover.

  • Håll dig till regelbundna måltider. Rutin är lugnande för små barn.
  • Håll portioner små och erbjuda mer senare - stora portioner kan vara överväldigande.
  • Använd färger och former för att göra maten rolig och attraktiv.
  • Try to make meals fun by involving your child in cooking or chatting to them about the colors and textures of the food.
  • Stay positive. Praise your child when they eat well. Do not criticize or punish the child.
  • Offer new flavors gradually. One taste at a time and in small amounts.
  • Try not to speed up meals, some toddlers eat very slowly.
  • Eat together in the family as much as possible. Toddlers learn just as much by looking at what you do, from table manners to enjoying food and trying different things.
  • Encourage your child to eat on their own, it may be that finger foods are easier to accept. You can deal with the mess later.
  • To read more about how to prevent picky eating, read our 14 ways to raise a child with healthy eating habits.

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